Interview: Brixton Blog

Posted: March 31, 2011 by nwsix in Interviews
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by Daniel Masoliver

In January 2010, Brixton dweller Zoë Jewell set up a hyperlocal blog covering her beloved locality. Within a matter of months, Brixton Blog exploded (figuratively speaking), and firmly established itself among the London blogosphere elite. The blog now has over 1,600 followers on Twitter, and a permanent spot on the Guardian’s list of ‘Top London Bloggers’.

But the burning question that we’re all dying to ask is, how does mobile technology help Zoë go about her blogging business? Fear not, for all will be revealed below. And in the true Mobile Journalists spirit, the interview was conducted via Twitter, on our mobiles – Zoë using Twitter for iPhone, me using Tweetcaster for Android.


  1. helena lee says:

    Great idea – love the twitter interview Dan. I’m at the mercy of Orange too..!

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