WordPress for Android: A Review

Posted: March 29, 2011 by nwsix in Reviews
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by Daniel Masoliver

Writing this review of the WordPress for Android app using the WordPress for Android app on my HTC Desire… Well, it’s all a bit meta. But that initial headache aside, the app is a relatively pain-free way of updating your blog.

The premise of the app is simple enough – blogging on the go – but as Joe Brothwell found this week, most people don’t like the idea of writing extensively on their mobiles. The resulting blog posts therefore tend to be short updates which are expanded upon later from a computer.

I must say, as my fat thumbs struggle to hit any of the correct letters on my touchpad keyboard, I’m mighty tempted to do the same. But in the name of journalism, I’ll endeavour to see it through.

The WordPress app is surprisingly easy to use. As easy, in fact, as the online version. Once you’ve set it up with your existing WordPress blog (and you can register multiple accounts), you arrive at a home-screen giving you the option to write a new post, manage your comments and even check your stats. And scrolling through existing blog posts to view or edit them is easy enough.

As for writing, all the usual functions are here: formatting text, inserting links, adding media and tagging.

Though when linking text to a website, you’ll either need to know the address by heart, have it copied on your clipboard or, as I have just done with the link to Joe’s post, read it off your computer screen and arduously enter it onto your phone.

Inserting media is simple, and intuitive too: The app gives you the option of using a photo or video saved on your phone, or using your in-built camera to take a new one (as I’ve done here).

And considering the app is free (and available on iPhone and Blackberry too), It’s a must have addition for any bloggers out there looking to update their WordPress blogs remotely.

It must be said that unless you’re very comfortable using your phone’s touchpad keyboard for extended periods, the process of writing requires a good deal of patience and can be very frustrating. But for uploading photos and videos to your blog, this app is quite genius.

Thumbs up.

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