Top ten journalists to follow on Twitter

Posted: March 29, 2011 by jbro88 in Opinion
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Any self-respecting mob journo is a twitter addict, here’s a list of our favourite professional journalists on twitter, and their best recent tweets.

1 ) Caitlin Moran (@caitlinmoran)

‘Twitter’s biggest typo bug-bears are: Febraury, teh, acocunt, definatly, Northamptonshite, Craphone Warehouse, newtorks and Hotmaul’

2 ) Boyd Hilton (@boydhilton)

‘My iPad 2 review: 38 percent more awesome than the original iPad. And that one was pretty awesome’

3 ) Popjustice aka Peter Robinson (@Popjustice)

‘Just did an interview with someone who claimed never to have heard a Lady Gaga song. WHAT’

4 ) Johann Hari (@johannhari101)

‘If a yr ago I had told you nick clegg would be burned in effigy and fortnum&mason surrounded by riot police u’d have sectioned me #march26′

5 ) Charlie Brooker (@charltonbrooker)

‘Serious question: if everyone in China blew off simultaneously, would we be able to smell it?’

6 ) Paul Bradshaw (@paulbradshaw)

‘Just experienced the in-your-face commercialism of booking Olympics tickets – no Big Society feelgood factor there’

7 ) Camilla Long (@camillalong)

‘Most disconcerting moment of week so far: discovering that my new dentist looks exactly like Jesus Luz.’

8 ) Victoria Coren (@VictoriaCoren)

‘I think I was on Radio 4 this morning, some kind of poker documentary, but I didn’t hear it. #worstTwitterplugever ‘

9 ) Toby Young (@toadmeister)

‘I can’t believe the anti-cuts protestors have organised a demo on March 26. Don’t they know it’s the opening of Peppa Pig World?’

10 ) Grace Dent

‘i am eternally disappointed by Sam and Mark’s guide to Dogging. #bbc2′

Take note and you too, my friend, could be a member of the journalistic twitterati.



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