The Gorilla stand: mobile warfare

Posted: March 29, 2011 by connerscl in Reviews
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by Clare Conway

The Joby Gorilla stand is an ugly looking thing – a cross between a spider and a set of anal beads. It looks nothing like a gorilla, not even by a three-year-old’s finger painting standards.

thanks to phinnsfotos from Flickr

So I guess the name is in reference to a guerrilla warfare weapon. Because it’s a cunning thing – discrete and practical – employed by the most sleuthy of journalists. It’s a device for propping up your camera, phone or Ipad (depending on the make you choose) and with the Gorilla you can shoot video, take pictures and type, all on the move.

You can tie it around a Boris bicycle and go Rambo if you’d like, capturing moving footage of roadworks or anarchists spraying destructive messages on walls.

The man in the video will demonstrate for you. Word of warning, though, he comes across as a bit of a perve, and I wouldn’t take all his advice as gospel. At 1 min 28 he talks about getting your shots in strange places, like wrapping the Gorilla around a pole. I’m pretty sure filming is illegal in most of those clubs. If you like it and you want to buy one, they’re around £20. Try Amazon:

  1. Jon says:

    haha funny blog, i got one of these for Xmas. And your right on opening it I was questioning wy my parents had bought me a sex toy!! I really havednt had much use for it as i’m hardly gonna take it out when i go out cos doesnt really fit in your pocket.

  2. Catherine says:

    Looks like a snazzy idea to me- I’m glad the designers got on board with notion of multi-functionality that is so hot in today’s gadget world. I will definitely be purchasing this to cover all my stationary camera and sexual needs.

  3. connerscl says:

    Thanks Catherine. The Gorilla’s a handy thing, I quite agree.

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