Social networking on phones: Britons just can’t get enough

Posted: March 29, 2011 by jbro88 in News, Opinion
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Britain is the highest ranked Western country when it comes to using social networks on mobiles, shows a recent report

by Joe Brothwell

Question: Which western country ranks top in TNS’s Mobile Life 2011 report when it comes to using social networks on mobile phones?

Answer: Why, it’s ol’ Blighty of course.

Apparently over 11 million of us are now logging in while we are on the go. The research says  16 percent of Brits go on social networks daily from their mobile, and almost half of those that don’t are interested in doing it in the future.

Stephen Yap, group director at TNS Technology said: “Mobile technology is transforming the lives of Britons at an unprecedented pace.

With social networking emerging as a killer application, mobile content and applications have never been more important. Handset makers and operators take note: it’s no longer just about the device or the network, but rather what people are doing and downloading.”

The UK is also the European country that downloads the most apps, watches the most social video and downloads the most games.

Shockingly 17 million people in Britain now own a smartphone. Look at the five people closest to you RIGHT NOW.

Do you realise that this means the chances of one of them having a smartphone is HIGHLY LIKELY. Unless you are the one with the smartphone. In that case it is NOT QUITE AS LIKELY BUT STILL PROBABLE.

The number of mobile phones in Britain now exceeds the number of people as there are approximately  1.3 phones to every single person. According the the same report, Brits aren’t quite so fussed by tablet devices. The data shows that only 17% of us will be considering buying a tablet device in the future, compared to 28% of people across Europe.

So it looks like our social networking obsession shows no signs of dying out. And we will know what our Uncle is doing every quarter of an hour, every day for years to come. Thank you twitter.

P.S You may ask: ‘Joe, why don’t you unfollow your Uncle if you find his tweeting so infuriating’.

And I’ll reply: ‘Don’t be so rude. He’s a family member for Christ sake’.


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