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Posted: March 28, 2011 by jbro88 in Opinion
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by Joe Brothwell

While the results below are not particularly shocking, they do consolidate certain things.

1) People love tweeting, and it is easily done on mobile devices with internet connection.

2) No-one said they wrote extensively on their mobile devices. Blog posts were usually around 150 words, and some said they would be expanded on when they accessed a computer. This indicates that these devices are better for short, immediate journalism.

3) Very few people used the video/photo functions on their device, and no-one said it was the tool they used most. Having said that, the people with iPhones seemed to use their cameras much more than those who had devices with lower quality cameras.

4) Mobile devices (in a journalistic context) are primarily used for creating and maintaining online communities whether this is by tweeting, blogging, commenting on other peoples blogs or writing on website message boards.

5) Lots of people have blogs.

6) Only one person I asked did not have a blog, nor did she have twitter. Her main journalistic activity was reading BBC news. The other participant who said reading the news was the thing he did most with his mobile device did have a blog, but preferred to update from his home computer.

7) Mobile journalism is competitive, with some people admitting to tweeting up to 6 times an hour. Most people revealed that they updated their blogs 2-3 a week and all of them strived for more followers and unique viewers.

I’ve got to go and update my twitter while I search for a new blog post to write about while taking a photo of the TUC march on my camera phone while commenting on website message boards and my favourite blogs while reading BBC news online.

Mobile journalism is stressful.

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    It’s another way of looking at journalism!

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