What does your choice of smartphone say about you?

Posted: March 24, 2011 by Emma Dibdin in Opinion
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by Emma Dibdin

Ever been torn between an iPhone and an Android? Ever gazed lovingly over the pillow at your smartphone of choice and wondered what your choice of technological life partner says about your character? Well, wonder no more.

May Chua over at Today has written a fabulous article which outlines exactly what your chosen smartphone says about you.

I should say at this point that I fundamentally disagree with Ms Chua’s assertion that iPhone users simply “want to be seen as part of the in crowd”. Maybe I’m in denial, but I firmly believe that my devotion to Apple is motivated by the simple fact that their products are genuinely the best on the market, rather than some sheep-like desire to be seen as one of the cool kids.

Then again, I do get that tiny thrill of smugness every time I pull out my iPhone on the tube and run my finger lovingly over its smooth, cold, steely frame, so possibly there is something in her theory. Possibly. Possibly I need to stop blogging at this hour of the night.

What do you think your  smartphone says about you?


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