Ear me, ear me: Top three Dictaphones (awful pun, sorry).

Posted: March 23, 2011 by connerscl in Reviews
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By Clare Conway

Shorthand is dying out… I say this smugly as I never took the time to learn it. (Too lazy for the 9am class.)

With more layabouts than ever (thanks to a nanny state, if the Daily Mail is to be believed) hard graft is being replaced by the easy way out: so step forward the all powerful Dictaphone… complete with ear bug for recording phone calls and USB gadgets for uploading your wondrous soundbites.  Huzzah.

So when you’re out on the prowl for stories, and scribbly hieroglyphics aren’t your bag, you can have one of these ready for the taping. I spoke to fellow student journalists to bring you the top three Dictaphones (in their mind, at least). So, you’re welcome.

Beth Adamson: “The SonyICD-UX80 is pretty neat. It has a USB stick built in, so you can stick the Dictaphone straight into the computer and upload audio snippets without the fiddly leads. It’s simple to use and has a hold and lock button so you don’t have to worry about taping over your recordings when the thing is loose in your handbag.” 2GB memory, £58 on Sony

Charlotte Barnes: “I use the Olympus VN-8500PC, which is a brilliant voice recorder – it makes clear recordings and comes with a decent ear bug, too. It has different folders, which is good because you can organise your files. You can slow down the recording, too, so you it’s easier to transcribe recordings. Plus, there are loads of hours on it – I’ve have it for months and I haven’t had to replace the batteries yet.” 1 GB of memory: £44 on Amazon.

Miranda Thompson: “ I use my Iphone4  for recording. It’s good because I can upload interviews straight to my computer: they automatically go into Itunes. I just speak into the memo bit, in the voice memos mode, which comes with the phone – not an app.  I prefer it to my old Olympus Dictaphone because I don’t have to worry about batteries with it. Just have to charge.” Came with my phone contract.

So there you have it. Our top three student picks. Here’s a handy video from Youtube on how to use the Iphone4’s voice memo:

  1. Jon says:

    Yeh couldnt be arsed with shorthand either. It makes no sense. Iphone voice recording is fine for what i need it for. Im not Jack bauers the in ear telephone recording system isnt really neccesary! Another win for the iphone generation!

  2. Catherine says:

    On the other hand, if anyone was cool enough to watch the Lily Allen documentary, like I was, you’ll remember a bit where she opened her new shop and was being interviewed by several journalists with said dictaphones. One of the journalists got a bit tiddly and left the dictaphone, which Lily found. She took it home with her to listen to the slanderous comments made behind her back. No doubt the end of some poor bafoon’s career.

    Moral of the story, maybe it’s good you can write things that most people can’t read. It gives you an edge and means it’s easier to be scathing without fear of being outed.

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