Personal data threat to the mobile journalist

Posted: March 22, 2011 by connerscl in News
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by Clare Conway

Mobile phone users are at risk of handing over personal information when they exchange or recycle their handsets, according to a new study released today by life assistance company, CPP.

Over half of the phones and SIM cards reviewed in the study were found to contain private information, such as login passwords for Facebook, photos, emails and bank account details. The findings raise the threat of an invasion of privacy in a society which has come to increasingly interact with mobile devices. The study should be a warning to mobile journalists in the importance of wiping personal information before upgrading to the latest mobile toolkit.

CPP’s mobile data expert Danny Harrison spoke to the Metro. According to the paper, he said: “Consumers are upgrading their mobiles more than ever and it is imperative people take personal responsibility to properly manage their own data.”

For advice on how to wipe personal data before exchanging your old handset, visit PC World’s help page.


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