Journalism goes eco with solar panel chargers

Posted: March 19, 2011 by connerscl in News
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by Clare Conway

Solar panel chargers come with a plethora of attachments – black, knobbly add-ons for the most fiddly mobile among us.

The charger in question in this here post, the Freeloader Globaltrotter Solar Charger, has all of those connector wires, plus an adapter which fits into most mobile devices (laptops, Ipads, mobiles… endless), and comes with a lime green pouch to put the thing in, as a mega geeky bonus. (As the French guy on the bike will demonstrate.)

The idea of the charger is it works with the sunlight, capturing clever morsels of eco-energy and storing them in its sleek interface.

Of course it’s handy if you’re out reporting and your mobile device runs out of juice. But then relying on the Great British weather is highly inadvisable.

Plus, I’ve read that the charging process takes its sweet time – up to four hours to fully replenish a mobile phone battery. (By which time the cat you’ve been trying to capture on film has made its way down from the tree and into the arms of its jubilant elderly owner.)

Still, it’s a handy toolkit for mobile back-up. You never know when that all-important story might reveal itself. And when it does, you’d want to be prepared. (That’s right Tabby, I’m looking at you punk.)

I can’t say I’ve splashed out the £45 to give the thing a fair review myself, though. But I’ve found someone who has. Check it out.

If you like the Global Freeloader and you want one of your own, it’s on Amazon. (NB: green pouch not sold separately.)


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