Depressed by grainy, pixelated cameraphone photos? Fantastic shots are possible, check out these beauts.

Posted: March 4, 2011 by jbro88 in Features & Functions, Opinion
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By Joe Brothwell

We’ve all seen the daring mobile phone footage and photos from natural disaster zones, and while the pictures are often poignant and engaging, picture quality is often lacking. Here are some stunning shots, all taken from camera phones, that look like they were taken from far more advanced equipment.


Whatever the weather: This photo, taken by Sonia Luna, is anything but dull. This dramatic, foreboding cloud formation proves that you can take interesting and high quality snaps on a mobile device.

Flower Power: These yellow flowers would look great on the front of a mother's day card. Maistora simply snapped these yellow beauties at a garden centre. It's hard to believe it was taken on a regular phone.

Lunar Power: This pic of the moon is out of this world. Kaustav Bhattacharya took this photo of the moon from his HTC Hero Android phone. He says: 'It's amazingwhat quality you can get through a camera phone.'

Horse Power: This horse gets up close and personal to a mobile camera. Daita's mobile phone camera au G'z One has taken this snap which looks like it could be straight out of Horse nad Hound. It puts our personal iPhone gallery to shame.

































For more images check out this cool website which really shows that cameraphones can produce some amazing photos – if you know how to use them.

If your a budding cameraphone photographer send us links to your photos – we’d LOVE to see them!

  1. Renee LaPaglia says:

    This is all very well, but I don’t see why MY tax money should be spent on horses. No doubt the blame lies with Gordon Clown and Tony Bliar!

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